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May 07, 2005



Alright! ZtF had been hinting about this, and I'm so glad it's finally up! Very profound stuff--and I am on my way to check out the Indie RPG award site.

I have always had a problem with Fudge seeming a little half-baked; I liked you recognized the is-or-isn't whole system argument. Still, it's great stuff, and, though I haven't played Fate, I have read some of Butcher's Dresden books. If the game is half as good, we'll be in for a treat.

Chad Underkoffler

Good interview!

I also want to thank my homies for the shout-out.

Lastly, Rob, talk to me re: card-based games later this summer/early autumn. I've got a new card-based game idea, and maybe the forces of our chocolate and peanut butter can combine.



Wow. That's what I call good interview. People need to pay more attention from the games coming out of and around the forge.


Great interview, nice look inside the history of FATE. Realizing the game isn't coming out until next year has inspired me to work harder on my time machine.

Rob Donoghue

In fact, Chad, we Really ought to do it over Dinner or something. Fred and I both work at Tysons Corners, and so by god, we have no exscuse. :)


Wow, after hearing that Dresden Files was being turned into a rpg, I had to say I was estatic, as my current group was in the process of adepting Call of Cuthulu, to the world. Then I followed the link and found fate, I gotta say I'm impressed. We've been playing a fantasy based deal with it for the last 4 gameing sessions, and so far I have fewer tweaks to do with Fate to fit my personal gaming style then any published system out there. (Then again our group has a notebook of house rules on D&D 3.5, White-Wolf, and Earthdawn.) Keep up the good work guys.

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